Fire and Feast furniture is inspired by the need for comfortable furniture to spend life outdoors with family and friends. Whether that time be spent with loved ones lakeside, poolside, fireside, or tableside, Fire and Feast is dedicated to meeting your furnishing needs for time together outside.


Fire and Feast Products, LLC was launched in the Spring of 2017 by co-founders Glen and Jeff. Inspired by long summer days on the lake in Wisconsin, we sought to design and build the “perfect” adirondack chair, one that portrays a classic and timeless style, while incorporating design modifications to ensure greater comfort. We believe that we deliver that chair to you with the introduction of the “Fireside” model.


We are a small company, wholly owned by our co-founders. We do not serve shareholders or investors. We serve you our customers, our loyal followers to whom we refer as our “chairholders”.

We are committed to providing our “chairholders” with the best possible product, demonstrating style, comfort, and craftsmanship. Our size affords us a great deal of agility and maneuverability in meeting the needs of our customers, whether it be in the creation of a custom project, or in the construction of one of our Fireside adirondack chairs.

Additionally, we fundamentally believe that as a community based small business, we have the duty and privilege to support other local and regional businesses. Our vendors and suppliers are based right here in the Great Lakes region of the United States, not overseas, and thus contributing to an expanding local economic footprint.