The Fire and Feast Classic Adirondack Chair represents traditional Adirondack style, grace, and elegance, a timeless design that dates back to the early part of the 20th Century.  The Fire and Feast Classic Adirondack features a unique twist, with a seating area that sits higher above ground to add comfort and to assist making the chair easier to get in and out of.  The Classic Adirondack is a perfect addition to any outdoor space, including  around fire pits, patios, decks, docks, garden, or perhaps under the favorite shade tree.

Additional features include:  
– classic fan shaped back assembly
– curved seat area for additional comfort through legs
– curved back assembly for added comfort through back and shoulders
-1.5″ inch thick leg, base, and back assembly supports for added strength and stability

The Fireside is available with numerous customizeable options, built to provide that perfect fit.

Length: 40”
Overall Width:31.75”
Seating Width:21.75“
Overall Height:39.5”
Seat Height:16"

Seating depth matters! What makes Fire and Feast Fire and Feast Classic Adirondacks different?

Once the optimum seat depth is chosen, select the preferred front profile!

The Fire and Feast Classic Adirondack Chair is offered in two different seat depths. The standard depth provides a seating area that is 16.25” deep and is generally preferred by users 5’6” and shorter. The grand seat depth offers an additional 3“ of depth, adding support underneath the legs and is generally preferred by users taller than 5’6”.

Fire and Feast Classic Adirondacks are offered in 2 different front seating profiles, a standard squared off front profile, or a gently rounded or rolled front profile. Simply a matter of preference, the rolled profile provides a slightly different look and feel where the user’s leg folds around the seat of the chair at the knee.

Standard Fire and Feast Classic Adirondack Chair Viewed At 45 Degree Angle

Fire and Feast Classic Adirondack Chair (Standard Depth)

The Fireside Standard Adirondack Chair is the first chair produced by Fire and Feast Products in the Fireside Family of chairs.  The two features that distinguish the Fireside Standard from its siblings are a 16″ seat depth coupled with a square edge at the end of the seat where the user’s knees are bent to put rest the feet on the ground.

The Fireside is available in 20 stock solid colors, as well as a two tone combination of white and any other solid color.  For a custom look, mix or match any two colors by selecting the “email or call” option from the drop down color menu.

Please contact us to receive a free color sample to ensure the desired color selection, or to schedule a consultation with a Fire and Feast craftsman to discuss additional customization options.